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The Biggest Real Estate Database in China

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CityRE Data Ecosystem since 2003
About CityRE

CityRE Data Co., Ltd. is a leading national real property information and data-service provider. Founded in 2005, the company is the first countrywide endeavor specialized in real estate data’s collecting, processing, analyzing and application . Through years of efforts and dedication, the company has built the largest national real estate market database which naturally has evolved into a real estate CityRE Data Ecosystem.

Based on our proprietary data-generating technology and incomparable data quality, the company serves clients from over 10 areas covering government agencies, property developers, financial institutions, manufactures and logistics, academic and research institutes etc. by assisting them in better policy planning, decisions-making, risk management and channel designing. The number of our data subscription service users is more than 10 thousand. In 2017, the company completed more than 80 million property automatic valuations and recorded more than 100 million total visits by users for our property listing and deal-facilitating service.

The company will continue focusing to developing proprietary expertise and technology in big data analytics and application and are open to cooperation with clients from all background in exploring deep utilization of property big-data in more areas.

CityRE Data Ecosystem

After thirteen years of efforts, CityRE has built a scientific ecosystem of real estate data. Multi-channels and automated processing, detailed records of basic data and supply and demand data of sale and rental make CityRE a leader in data structures and quantity. We purge the common chaos of big data through intelligent processing and mining which ensures our data more orderly and accurate. Meanwhile, we discover the accurate configuration of real estate data, not only its correlation, but also the reason behind.

Data Scale

Based on a variety of data sources, our data ecosystem is more comprehensive than that of other channels. It covers sale and rental, supply and demand and all other characteristics of real estate transactions. we have collected over 300 million pieces of supply information of 367 cities since 2005. A good ecosystem for supply data allows us to collect millions of demanding data every day from our customers as well as abundant demanding data of sale and rental.

CityRE Data Co., Ltd.
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